Transportation Of Cremated Human & Animal Remains

If you need to move the cremated remains of a friend, family member or pet but cannot travel, you can transport the cremated remains using Spartan Motorcycle Couriers. Cremated Remains Couriers are advanced motorcycle riders and SIA security licenced. They are highly experience at transporting a special consignment such as cremated remains of a loved one. Cremated Ashes Transportation in Warrington, Ellesmere Port, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Coventry, Cardiff, Bristol, London, and across the UK.

Packing Cremated Remains

Open your resealable container or bag. The crematory or funeral home will have returned the cremated remains to you in a cardboard box or small case with a sealed plastic bag inside or in an urn, depending on your wishes. Carefully open the urn or other packaging in which the cremated remains are contained.

Remove the cremated remains from the container and place into the resealable container or bag. Make sure the container or bag is airtight and waterproof. Place a non-stick label with your name and contact information inside the resealable container or bag and seal. This will ensure the cremated remains are clearly identifiable when they are separated from the outer wrapping of the package.

Place the resealable container or bag into a resealable container large enough to accommodate it. Pad the space between the two containers with newspaper or plastic shipping material if necessary.

Place the lid on the resealable container. Tape the lid to the box, making sure to properly secure every opening. Place the container in a plastic bag and seal with packing tape.

Wrap container in brown paper and secure with packing tape. Affix adhesive labels on the top of the container with the full address including postcode. The package will have to be signed for by the receiver, so make sure the person receiving the package is at the delivery address.

Notify the recipient that the package has been shipped. This way, they will know approximately when it should be arriving. The motorcycle courier will give the sender a phone call when the delivery has been made.

Cremated Remains Couriers